Our People

John Muller

John has extensive experience covering in excess of 25 years in corporate education within the banking, retailing and manufacturing world. He is recognised as someone who challenges the norm whilst seeking business and personal development outcomes. He has a strong belief that education and development should be in a fun environment to facilitate the release of personal energies.

John @ work

  • His career has exposed him to a broad range of positions from large corporate companies to small business.
  • For many years worked in all functions of human resources for the largest employer in Australia.
  • A career profile has embraced human resources, sales and marketing, and manufacturing within retail and wholesale organisations.
    Has passion for exploring the unknown with thorough strategic review to generate the desired and beyond outcomes.
  • Maintains there is always a better way to do things to deliver greater results.
  • Has a belief that people's untapped energy is the greatest asset for any business and personal success.
  • Has attended many educational seminars and accreditations: Myers Briggs, Synergistic Management, New Age Thinking and Quadrant Leadership.

John @ home

  • Is a fun loving guy who enjoys a full social life and contact with many friends across the globe.
  • He has fallen madly in love with his boxer puppy also known as the greatest "dog" in the world (by some).
  • John enjoys kayaking, sailing, boating, bike riding and trying hard to master his surfing skills.
  • He enjoys gardening and some may say is "obsessed" with his standards.